Friday, 18 July 2014

Easton Crafters -July

Good morning all!,
Happy Friday again!  On the third Thursday of the month, I have been asked to run a class for the lovely ladies at a local craft group.  They are great fun and provide delicious cake!!

Some of the ladies who attend are not really card-makers, so I keep it reasonably simple, (but effective, hopefully!)  These are the cards from yesterday - all using trees and birds and all just stamped, with a bit of masking.  It always amazes me how different things look, just done in a different colour, or with a slightly different layout

All the tree, bird and word stamps, stencil brushes and moon masks are available from Claritystamp Ltd - but you probably knew that!
Thanks for looking - hope you have a brilliant day
Janet xxx


  1. brilliant Janet ,look forward to workshop ,see u there xxx

  2. lovely simple cards, just beautiful.

  3. These are really lovely Janet, simple but very effective! :) xx

  4. maybe simple, but definitely effective!

  5. Christine said it all. I agree.


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