Monday, 7 July 2014

Diva Red workshop on Saturday

Hello bloggers!

Last Saturday was the Diva Red workshop, which is the one I run with Moira on the first Saturday of the month.  We had a good crowd this time and I think a good time was had by all...even if there were some very inky fingers by the end!!

The first two here are the cards I did....

This one is done by using distress re-inkers on shaving foam to create the background, we did several bits of card (some more than others!!).  Enough to cut a strip and another piece to die cut butterflies
My butterflies were quite similar to my background so I edged them with some ink to make them sand out, and added some gems.

I then dropped the card back in the shaving foam (NOT intentional!!) and ended up with more splodges than I really wanted!!! (the ones across the top of the card)

My second card is a repeat of the one I did at Easton, using the abstract squares stencil and woodland animals stamp set from Claritystamp

 This one is my version of Moira's card - it is simply stamped with veramark then covered with different colour embossing powders - so easy to do but very effective.


The final two are done with tear-drop shaped cards simply covered in lovely papers from Moira's stash of stuff.

I hope you have enjoyed your visit, thanks for stopping by and come back soon -it will be the Christmas cards from the Clarity show at the weekend!
Janet xx


  1. sorry I missed it - really like the butterfly card, must try it with my marble stash from Bawburgh!

  2. Another set of lovely cards Janet!! I love the one with the animals and also the seagull!!

  3. beautiful selection of gorgeous

  4. Lovely Jsnet, I do love the abstract squares, you use this stencil so well! Nikki xx

  5. Like them all Janet but particularly the one in the squares.


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