Thursday, 19 September 2013

Home flight

Morning bloggers!

Thursday is my favourite day of the week - it is my day off work!  So , today is a card-making day.  I have DT cards, prep for workshops and a 60th birthday card to make!!  Will it all get done?  Almost certainly not, but I have the weekend too!

This is another of the cards I made for the last TV show.  I really enjoyed using the ducks and saplings.  I saw a picture on the wall when I was waiting to go in to a meeting and it inspired me for this scene.

I used the remountable duck silhouette set along with the lovely large sapling stamp.  (There is also a small sapling available)
I do love the duck silhouettes, but I immediately thought of Hilda Ogden's wall in Corrie when I saw them!  I wasn't alone - Jane Telford made a wonderful 'Hilda' card (although she used the line art stamps on shrink plastic.)
Hope you all have a fab day and thank you for stopping by
Janet xx


  1. Beautiful work Janet... I'm loving the sapling stamps! I do like how you've continued the theme on the surround of the card. Fab! Mandy xxx

  2. Lovely card, the faded hills look very effective, more stamps to go on the list x

  3. Lovely card Janet, and it reminded me of a piece of wall art when I saw it...hope you have had a good day off and got all your jobs done...Jo. X


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