Sunday, 7 July 2013

In the Garden

Hello fellow bloggers,
At last!  We have some hot and sunny days, let's hope it lasts for a while.  Time to get out in the garden, so I thought this card was very appropriate.

I really like the 'strip' idea in cards (you may have noticed!!) and I thought this garden set would go well with this style of card.  This is a really lovely stamp set from Clarity, one of the lesson sets.  It is the Birdhouse and picket fence set

This is a really easy card to do, I stamped the bird feeder in place first, then masked off the top and bottom of the card to create the strip.
Stamp all the images in place, then sponge blue for the sky and green for the grass.
I also masked off small areas and just stamped the very top of the hollyhocks stamp to give a bit of random flowery stuff in the background.

Remove the masks and draw along the edges with a fine line pen.
Stamp the birds and squirrel in place.
Hope you like it and thanks very much for visiting
Enjoy the lovely weather!
Janet xx


  1. Beautiful card Janet. I love that style of card too and it works really well with those stamps. x

  2. Its lovely Janet love those stamps they are brilliant xxx

  3. Really cute card Janet! Looks a bit like your garden!!

  4. love it Janet saw it yesterday x

  5. lovely Janet - really like the dimensional effect on the hollyhocks

  6. this is one of my favourites from yesterday. love it xx

  7. Lovely card Janet. The cat is in just the right place to look at those birds! I love the delicsyte colours. x


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