Friday, 17 May 2013

Hummingbirds and Leafy Column

So who has got their heating back on then??  Pretty chilly for the middle of May, but it will all be okay soon because I am going to a Clarity workshop in Cowden next week and it has always been lovely weather in previous years, so I am very hopeful....  Not that it matters a bit what the weather is like, I am soooo excited about going, I just love meeting up with Barbara and Dave and all the wonderful Clarity team and all the lovely ladies who attend regularly and have become friends.
This card is another sample for the Clarity show on HSE 24.  I love both these stamps, so had a good time doing this card!  I also used pan pastels and gilding flakes, two of my favourite products!

  • I did the three background strips as one piece and cut it into three
  • Using a palette of red pan pastels, shade an A5 piece of linen effect cardstock from dark to light
  • Fix with hairspray or fixative
  • When dry, stamp randomly with the leafy column using currant Adirondack ink
  • Cut into three strips and trim to size.
  • Mat each strip onto gold card, then onto a square of black card
  • For the main image, prepare another piece of linen card with the pan pastels, and stamp the hummingbirds with currant, emboss with holographic powder
  • Here's the tricky bit - cut out the circle background round the birds
  • Stick a piece of double sided adhesive on the back of the card, so the circle is sticky from the front
  • Apply gilding flakes and scrub with a sponge to remove excess flakes
  • Trim the card to size and mat on to gold, then black card
  • Stamp the edge of the base card with the leafy column in currant, (I used the third generation to give a more faded look)
  • Arrange all the bits on the base card
  • To add a finishing touch, I added dots of gold using a gold leaf pen
Did I mention that it was the Clarity workshop next week....?
Janet xx


  1. like the effect of the gilding flakes - being lazy, i would have just coloured the circles with a versamark pen, covered it with stamp'n'bond powder , heated then gilded - also, I am rubbish at cutting circles out!
    enjoy the workshop

    1. Thanks Veronica, I don't tend to get on very well with stamp'n'bond! I hate cutting out too!

  2. Beautiful rice card Janet, love the warmth and the feeling. Great again.

  3. Stunning card Janet, and well worth all the time it took to make....looking forward to meeting you next week.....Jo. X

  4. This is glorious Janet must have taken ages but well worth it xx

  5. stunning use of the stamps, gilding flakes and pastels Janet


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